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    Dynamic Population of Table Values

    Kaustabh Mitra

      Hi All,


      I have been struggling with this for quite some time now and now I turn to you all.


      I have a table which has IDs and TIER access (as shown below):


      ID           TIER-1       TIER-2        TIER-3

      AA           YES           NO               NO

      BB           YES           NO               YES

      CC           NO             NO              YES

      Using the following script in the script editor I am trying to pull the Tier names for each ID that has 'YES' under the Tier columns:



      [ID], Item

      WHERE  Bought = 'Yes';


        [ID] , 



        'TIER-3') AS Item,

        Pick(IterNo(),[TIER-1],[TIER-2],[TIER-3]) AS Bought

      FROM [lib://Qlik Sense/Test_v1.xlsx]

      (ooxml, embedded labels, table is [ALL DATA])



      Right now, if I filter out the ID "BB" in the output table, the output that I'm getting is;

      ID          TIER

      BB          TIER-1

      BB          TIER-2

      BB          TIER-3

      which is incorrect....


      My desired output is:

      ID          TIER

      BB          TIER-1

      BB          TIER-3


      It should only show those Tier names for which Id: BB has "Yes".


      I hope I could explain my problem.

      Please help....