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      Another novice question...


      I have a spreadsheet with lots of data against DateRaised, so for example


      01/01/11 RTA

      02/01/11 Injury

      03/01/11 Injury


      28/05/11 RTA

      29/05/11 RTA

      30/05/11 RTA

      31/05/11 Injury


      How do I create a list box with Jan, Feb.......Dec, so users can select a month and see the totals

      Do I need to do something in the load script? I've been searching other discussions and can't quite work out what I need to do.




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          Leonard Short

          Is the data above all in a single field? or multiple?


          Either way you just need to add a couple lines to your load script.


          Load DateRaised,

               month(DateRaised) as month,

               year(DateRaised) as year,



          If the data is in a single field then do


          Load DateRaised,

               month(left(DateRaised,8) as month,

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            Johannes Sunden

            Hi Melanie,


            I assume you have a load statement in the script like:




            From xxxx;


            You can create a new Month field there by doing something like this:

            Month(Date#(DateRaised, 'DD/MM/YY')) as Month


            The Date#() function is to properly identify the DateRaised as a date value so that you can use Month() to extract the month.