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    Total Count Help

    P Kumar

      Hi Community,


      Could you please help me on below requirement.

      In the below Table I have Taken



      Dimension as [Internal ID]

      Measure as



      if(Match([Sales Product],'TV'),[Performance External ID],

      if(Match([Sales Product],'Mobiles'),[Performance ID])),

      [Internal ID])),count([Internal ID])

      • When I have used above dimension and measure in first table with Total as Auto and By checking Data Handling getting total measure count  as 4807.

      • In the second table I have changed Total as Sum and uncheck the Data handling so all null ids were removed and getting total measure count as 2966.

      The requirement is I have to show 2966 count in KPI. How to change the above expression for getting 2966 count with above table settings.

        Please help me on this.