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    Expression to show last week figures

    Chris Hopkins

      Hi, i am trying to create a chart showing me the total waste by region for the last complete week.

      I already have a last week field - CAL_LASTWEEK and my region field is BDANAME. It needs to be for a specific set of customers = RETAILGROUP and the retail group is OWN STORES and lastly it needs to show all waste, my waste field is [STORE STOCK MOVEMENT CODE] which has 20+ codes, i only want it to show codes 3, 5  and 16.


      So to summarise...


      My fields are:



      RETAILGROUP (which has several groups, i only want OWN STORES)

      [STORE STOCK MOVEMENT CODE] (but the only codes i want are 3, 5 and 16.


      Can anyone help please?