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    GetFieldSelections with date dimension not returning value

    Vallo Lees



      I'm trying to get the selected dates, but don't seem to GetFieldSelections function to return a value.


      In my app the user can choose the data display period (year, quarter, month, day) via qsVariable extension. So I've created a master dimension like this: =Pick(Match($(vSalesView),1,2,3,4),[datestr.autoCalendar.Year],[datestr.autoCalendar.YearQuarter],[datestr.autoCalendar.YearMonth],[datestr.autoCalendar.Date]). This works fine.


      So now I would like to display the selected dates in a text box and I wrote the following expression:


      But this does not return any values when a selection is made


      If I choose any other dimension, for example Customers, everything works fine. What am I doing wrong?