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    Need help with setting values using a button

    David Tate

      Hi, I want to be able to create a button that when selected would set the values in a dimension.


      My dimensions for selections are  :



      On HoldDeliver
      CancelledClose Out


      Now, I need to be able to have a button that will set the values condition as :

      'State' = Concept select all values in 'Phase' ,

      also if 'State'   = Active then select Initiation. These selection then apply to a field 'ProjectName'. 


      The result would be all ProjectNames that fit either of the conditions.


      Using the following if statement as an expression directly in the 'ProjectName' dimension field :


      if(([Project Phase] <> 'Initiation' and [Project State] = 'Active') or ([Project State] = 'Concept'),ProjectName,Null())


      produces a good list.  But I need to be able to set these values using a button as there is not a good method I see to use a bookmark.


      Thanks in advance!!