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    Un-associated fields

    Zulfikar Ali Syed

      Good day,


      I have two tables (say Table_A and Table_B) in my application which contains Company Names Company_From_A and Company_From_B, respectively.

      (Given that Company Names (data) available in Table_A is also available in Table_B).


      One of visualization page contains two charts, Chart_A associated with Table_A company names and Chart_B associated with Table_B company names.


      Now my issue is with filter pane where I used only one dimension Company_From_A, on selection reflects dissociated data in Chart_B.


      Is it possible to control both the charts by using single dimension (say Company_From_A) on selection, reflects changes in Char_B.


      In simple words, Selection from Company_Name_AAuto Selects Company_Name_B.


      Script function solution is highly appreciated.


      Note: Being a newbie, This is my first question on Qlik community. Please let me know if I missed any thing from my question.