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    Endless Bubbles in Hub

    Rheiner Rhenus (general account)

      We have sporadically the effect, that the user can enter the hub and sees all the correct apps, but whenever he tries to open an app the Qlik loading bubbles appear and stay no matter how long he waits.
      To make things worse, this bug can't be detected in the QMC, so we only notice it's occurrence when the users complain that Qlik isn't working.

      This has happend on our Single-Server System as well as on on our 4-Server System with one central, two Reload and one Display Node.
      The only way to remove the Bug ist to reboot the Display-Node-Server or on the Single-Server-System the whole system.

      We are currently trying to find a html-query to detect when the error occurs to initiate an automatic Server reboot. While this would help us reduce the downtime for the Users, it still doesn't solve the actual Problem.

      Any tips or ideas would be highly appreciated.