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    Highest Year Selected Data

    Ariana Ford

      Hi Guys,


      So I have some data (customer incidents) being graphed against Months in a line graph. I have two lines right now. One for the sum of customer incidences for each month and one for a cumulative YTD of customer incidences. I also have a filter on the side with years dating back to 2013. When I filter the data for two or more years, lets say 2017/2018, I want the first line to always show the data for only the highest year. Right now it is combining the 2017 and 2018 data. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


      Right now the expression is just SUM([Customer Incidences]) for the current month by month and RANGESUM(ABOVE(TOTAL SUM([Customer Incidents]),0, ROWNO(TOTAL))) for the cumulative.