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    Accumulate over 2 dimensions - Pivot works, chart incorrect

    Michael Taylor

      Hi all,


      I'm trying to show the % of customers who buy a product when they buy their next product.  In my data I have First Product, Months until next product (SPD) and the number/% of customers.

      I've read a lot of posts on using rangesum(above( and also Pareto techniques.  The pivot table below, works and shows the correct % for each product, but when I change to a chart it seems to accumulate the '%' for each product within the SPD so the lines all appear much closer than it should be.  any help much  appreciated!

      Calculation that works in Pivot table:

      RangeSum(Above(total( Sum([# of Individuals])/ sum(total <[First Product]>[# of Individuals])), 0, RowNo( TOTAL)))


      Correct Pivot



      Incorrect Chart