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    Dynamic Calculation of Logic

    balraj ahlawat

      Hey Guys,


      I got stuck into a scenario and need a quick response.


      Scenario is: I am having a data of employees where I need to show how many employees got hike in salary.


      For this, I am having two filters at UI level:


      1) Reporting Month(which is fixed Max month)     2) Comparison Month(Based on Trxn Month)


      Business Logic is : Employee with both the month(Reporting and Comparison) having same country and Salary will be greater than comparison month salary.


      I have created the flag with same logic but that is with fixed previous month entry comparison. But in this case, this need to be dynamic like it should get calculated on the base of Comparison month selection.


      I have attached the sample data with my created flag which is not up the requirement as it need to be dynamic.


      I need count of all the employees with above business logic at dynamic level...


      Let me know if you need any other info on same?



      Balraj Ahlawat