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    Changing the content of data

    Kwan Yeung Li

      Hi everyone,


      Qlik Sense question.

      I would like to know if there is a way to change the  data's content of a column in my table.

      For instance, I have created a table with three columns as shown below


      LL5678    3056    AB  

      LJ4432    3000    AB  

      LL3567    3400    AB

      LF2390    3001    AB  

      LJ1200     3000    AB

      LF3450    4000    AB

      and so on.


      If I need to change the letter L to P, while leaving other alphabets and numbers unchanged, in the first column in order to get


      PP5678    3056    AB   

      PJ4432    3000    AB   

      PP3567    3400    AB

      PF2390    3001    AB   

      PJ1200     3000    AB

      PF3450    4000    AB

      and so on.


      Is it possible to create such table with the original data or with the data load editor?

      I will appreciate all your help.