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    TOTAL Qualifier with Alternative Dimensions

    Danny Selgo

      Hello, I am having a problem with using the TOTAL qualifier on a chart that makes use of different alternative dimensions.


      Basically, I have a stacked bar chart that is showing demographic information for a population. I want to show the percentage breakdown of the population by different dimensions (e.g. Ethnicity, Gender, etc.).


      My expressions for this chart is:

      count([Person]) / count(TOTAL<[Ethnicity]> [Person])

      This gives me the ideal behavior for the chart. The issue is when I introduce alternative dimensions. For example, the following chart where the dimensions are switched:


      Because the TOTAL qualifier is still excluding <Ethnicity>, my chart is not behaving how I want it to. Basically, I want to be able to set the expression to something like the following:

      count([Person]) / count(TOTAL<["X-axis Dimension"]> [Person])

      Does anybody know how I could accomplish this?