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    omar bensalem

      Hi All ( mto)


      Hope everybody's fine, I have been experiencing some WEIRD behaviour these last days that's driving me crazy !


      In fact, When I open the application I'm developing and make some changes; whenever I refresh it (Tap F5 or ctrl+R); I have the last selections I've made appearing in the selection panel ! while I DO NOT NEED nore WANT this behaviour !


      I'm not using ANY extension to force field selections on app open / refresh !


      But, this is not the WORST part yet, not only these fields are selected, but the application REVERTS BACK to the state it was in when those selections were made !!!!


      Let me be clearer :


      Let's say, the last time I've made a selection was 15h34, and I've selected the ID=30

      from then, I deselect it, and kept on working, added 2 sheets;


      Now, when I refresh the APPLICATION, the ID=30 is SELECTED AND the 2 newly added sheets DISAPPEAR !!!


      * I'm using Qlik SENSE February 2018 Patch 1

      * I deleted the Cache


      This is driving me crazy..