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    Table object continually refreshes

      I have a table object which has 12 columns (dimensions) and 5 of these are calculated. The table also has an expression which builds a URL string which creates a field that can be clicked on to launch a web page.


      The table seems to continuously refresh. When I move the cursor across the columns the cursor changes from the pointing finger to the eggtimer, as if there some action being performed that I had to wait on. This also seems to interfer with the my ability to click in the field that has the URL links.


      If I use a larger dataset than I'm using now I also get the table being greyed out and a pop up flashes in the bottom right corner of the worksheet with a scroll bar in it and big red X in the corner.


      The data source is a SQL server database.


      Any ideas what is causing this refresh behaviour?

        • Table object continually refreshes
          Leonard Short

          How many rows of data are you trying to display these calculated dimensions on? Can you limit the output to not display so many records simultaneously? i.e. make a selection or two in one of your non-calculated dimensions?


          Another thought, but it sounds to me like a synthetic key issue that is chewing up all your resources maybe? Check your data layout and see how many row's are being calculated for any synthetic keys within the app.

          • Table object continually refreshes
            Erich Shiino

            Are you using now() in any object in your interface?

            This functions is continously refreshed (every second) and it causes the whole sheet to be updated.

            This may not cause any troube if your interface has only 'light' expressions... you would only notice this in cases like yours.


            Hope this helps,