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    Sort by expression


      I have 4 column in pivot table as below


      OPRevenue   OPPH   Total OP

      11                    22                 34

      22                   33                 55


      I want the order of column changes to

      OPPH   OPRevenue   TotalOP

      22             11                   34

      33              22                  55



      Is it possible to do using      sort by expression and how .


      Please help.

        • Re: Sort by expression
          Bala Bhaskar

          In Pivot table edit mode,

          Under Data area: at Rows, Columns, Measures. Place cursor on one of the area, it'll highlight an action, i.e MOVE. Move field positions, Like we've Promote and demote options in qlikview.

          By Move option you can move dimension positions. Not required of sort by expression.