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    If logic help

    Mahitha M

      Hi Experts,


      Can any one please help me to derive [Code Level ] field based on below conditions

      If NAME field matches an entry in the Code A then [Code Level ] is 'A'  else

      If NAME field matches an entry in the Code B then [Code Level ] is 'B' else

      If NAME field matches an entry in the Code C then [Code Level ] is 'C' else  Code Level ] is 'D'

      Here NAME field is coming from Table 1 and Code A ,  Code B  ,  Code C fields coming from Table 2. From these 4 fields need to derive Code Level column.

      Table 1 with data like below


      Key                                      NAME      Amount

      16/07/2018| FRIGJ-A1        FRIGJ    0.56893

      16/07/2018| FRIGJ-A2        FRIGJ    0.16893 

      17/07/2018| FRIGJ-A1        FRIGJ     8.26893

      17/07/2018| FRIGJ-A2        FRIGJ     9.26893

      16/07/2018|IKRLP-A1         IKRLP    2.59688

      16/07/2018|IKRLP-A2         IKRLP    2.86592

      17/07/2018|IKRLP-A1         IKRLP    2.59688

      17/07/2018|IKRLP-A2         IKRLP    28.5968

      16/07/2018|OKLP-A1         OKLP    2.59688

      16/07/2018|OKLP-A2         OKLP    2.86592

      17/07/2018|OKLP-A1         OKLP    2.59688

      17/07/2018|OKLP-A2         OKLP  28.5968


      and Table 2 with data like below

      Network        Code A        Code B          Code C

      A                    FRIGJ        HUKO            LKIOG

      B                                        86938              IKRLP 

      C                                        OKLIP            OKLI     



      Key ,     

      NAME ,   


      From …..    




      Code A ,

      Code B,

      Code C

      From …..

      Please help me on this.

      Thanks in advance.