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    Selecting similar column from 2 different sheets

    Yao Jun Yong

      I have 2 similar columns from 2 different data sheets in Qlik Sense.


      Combined.xlsx ! Sheet1




      Combined.xlsx ! Sheet2



      Is there anything I can put into the expression of my dimension field so whenever I click either Brani/Keppel in my table, both Brani/Keppel is selected from the 2 sheets.




      The images attached should be self-explanatory. Thank you!

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          Petter Skjolden

          The Quick-and-Dirty answer:


          You should adjust your data model by making sure that the field named Sheet1.Terminal get the name Terminal so it is connected as a key field to the field on Sheet2.


          If there are any other fields in the two tables that have same names this will create a problem. But it might work as a quick fix if not.


          The better approach:

          Create a good data model where the two or more tables have the right keys in between them. In most cases this is done best by creating a dimensional model often called a star schema.


          A star schema has a central facts table with measures/metrics and dimension tables describing the metrics.


          I can only guess how it should be in your case but it seems to me that you have data for shipping terminals and might want to track some goods between the terminals.



          So a dimensional model might look like this:

          2018-07-18 21_51_47-Microsoft Edge.png


          It might be that you need two date dimensions (tables) instead of one. So this is just an indication of where to start with a simple data model...

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            David Štorek

            Hi, what is difference between two sheets in your source data?

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              sunil kumar

              Hi ,


              Please build data model using data source


              to make association between sheets .