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    count- every row should have the same result (Total)

    Martina Jakovcic



      I would like, to have in every row the result from the count. Like in column DS=7.





      I try with SUM(TOTAL Aggr(count({<[Berechnung.Menge_IST]= {">0"}> } distinct  [Berechnung.SalesLine.LINENUM]), [%SalesID] ))/SUM(TOTAL Aggr( Count(Distinct [Berechnung.SalesLine.LINENUM]), [%SalesID] ))


      but the problem is, i have the same result i every column. For every Kanal should be other result.



      When i select specfic Month Feb. and the "Kanal" then is the result true:



      How i can became in overal the right total?


      Thank for you help.