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    Filter pane's "Add dimension"-drop down list shows only 100 values

    Kari Salminen


      I'm using Qlik Sense September 2017 Patch 1 (qliksenseserver:11.14.4)

      (Upgrading costs money so it won't be done without a good reason).


      I'm adding a dimension field to a filter pane in Qlik Sense but

      the drop down list shows only the top 100 fields (I counted them.

      See the attached image for the end of the drop down list. It ends

      at the fields starting with the character M although in reality there

      are more fields available). I've got more 100 fields in the underlying

      data so the fields near the end of the alphabetic ordering are not

      showing at all.


      Is this a known limitation of Qlik Sense?

      Can it be changed so that more than 100 values are shown?

      If so, how? Thanks for the info!


      Kari Salminen