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    issue with if condition




      I had a if condition in script like


      if([field 1] = 'a',  x, [field 2]) as [field 3]


      so [field 3] should have value x and [field 2] values as per my knowledge.


      But this is not happening in my case.


      Can some help on this.




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          Petter Skjolden

          You're correct but with no extra information than this it is hard to know where the problem might be. But the condition has to be within a load statement and all the fields has to exist already in the source table that you load from. Furthermore the [x] and the [field 2] fields has to have these names in the source table - they can't be new field names being created in the same load step.


          Could you please provide us for instance with some test data that proves your point or a test app if possible?

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            karthik joshi

            Hi Sai,


            I totally agree with Petter


            As x is value try giving it in quotes :


            Something like:


            if([field 1] = 'a',  'x', [field 2]) as [field 3]