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    Setting up Source Documents in QMEC



          I am not able to add any source documents in QMEC.


          Please let me know what can be issue.


          Let me know the way to check whether I have a publisher license



      Navin Gorapalli

        • Setting up Source Documents in QMEC
          Brent Nichol

          You can identify if a publisher license is configured by checking the QEMC > System > Licenses > QlikView Publisher > QlikView Publisher License tab.  If the serial number and LEF contents exist, then publisher is licensed.


          For source documents, check the QEMC > System > Setup > QlikView Servers > QVS > Folders tab.  The Root folder should be where your source documents are stored.  If there are no QVW files in this directory or any of the mounted folders, there wont be any documents under Source documents.


          Good luck,


          • Setting up Source Documents in QMEC
            Kaushik Solanki



               If you have Source Document Tab, this means you have Publisher.


               Not to get documents in source document. All you have to do is.


               go to QMC-> Publisher Settings -> Set the path here.



            Kaushik Solanki