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    Table doesn't show the selection done

    Arnaud Keuller



      I have a weird problem currently with a simple table.


      The use case: I have created different filters allowing to filter my customers on different criteria, and i want to see the result of my filters in a table. I have also create a COUNT distinct KPI on the Customer_Id in order to verify the result of my filters.


      The problem is the following:

      1. I search in the table on the name "ABC"

      2. The count KPI shows me that there is 2 customer_Id matching the name "ABC"

      3. !!!My table doesn't show any result!!!!

      4. I open the filter box on the Customer_ID (table dimension), with the current selection, and i see both Customer_Id matching my search but the table is empty.


      Any idea ? Every other object in the report (others filters & KPIs) are correct but the table doesn't show the results