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    Tricky Data Table : Urgent

    vishal raina

      Hi all,


      This is an urgent requirement, any help on this is much appreciated.

      Attached is the screenshot of the data format that is available and the table I need to create from it as shown.


      As an example :


      Column Distinct weekly mode price is the distinct mode of price across all weeks. ex:  10 is the mode price for week 1 & week 4. 6 is the mode price for week 2 and similarly 5 is the mode price for week 3.

      Column Avg of Price across weeks in which the given mode price falls. ex: 10 is mode price across week 1 & 4. Therefore we need to show, avg of all prices for week 10 & 4 which would be 8.75 as shown in the attachment. Similarly, 6.25 is the avg of all prices across week 2, since mode price 6 falls only in week 2.

      Column Count of Distinct weeks the mode price is at. ex: mode price 10 falls in 2 distinct weeks (week 1 & week 10), hence the count would be 2. Likewise for others.