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    Set analysis <=

    Bernard Nolan

      Hi All, i'm trying to do a simple chart comparing Current YTD volume versus Budget YTD (see image)



      The Current YTD expression is correct:   sum({<Year={"$(=Year(today()))"}>} InvoiceQty)


      But i'm struggling with expressing all this years budget volume upto and including the current month....  See no current month budget number!!!

      Here's the expression: 
            sum({<Year={"$(=Year(today()))"}, EndOfMonth={"<=$(=MonthEnd(today()))"}>} BudgetVolume)


      I've searched through many examples of this type of problem on the community and adapted the expression accordingly, but it still excludes the current month budget volume....  Any ideas Qlikviewers?























        • Set analysis <=
          Nagaian Krishnamoorthy

          I am unable to understand why you say that YTD expression is correct when your YTD (28/02/2011) is less than YTD (31/01/2011).


          If you attach your application with sample data, someone in the forum will be able to come up with some suggestions.

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              Bernard Nolan

              Sorry... I beg your pardon...  both columns aren't accumulating at this point.... they are expressing values for the dimensions customer number and endofmonth so that you can clearly see that the budget number for the current month is missing....   once i've validated that the information is correct i'll be removing the endofmonth dimension to show a single row for each customer.....   hope this makes sense...

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              Dan Heller

              You have to make sure that the Date Format is the same for both EndOfMonth and MonthEnd(Today()).


              Another option would be to put MonthEnd(Today()) as a variable with the correct formatting.  Then have your set analysis <= your variable.