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    Pivot table count total regardless of the row

    Wanyun Yang

      I'm not able to show the company data, so I made up a similar senario:

      A fruit store sells apple and banana. They have t1 to track the sales, t2 for linking, t3 for tracking number of visiting the store:


      Type       key     Sales

      Apple      1          20

      Banana   2          40


      Key       Date

      1         07/01

      2         07/02


      Date     Visit

      07/01     7

      07/02     10


      I'm creating a pivot table with row: Type, with measures: Sales and Visit. Now it looks like:


      It's counting Visits by Type as well. But I want to show total visits at both Apple and Banana. which should be like:


      Is it possible to do it from the layout?


      Thanks for help!!!