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    Virtual Server Deployment - any issues?



      I am working on a project that proposes the installation below:


      Qlikview Server in Production


      8 Virtual Central Processor Units [vcpu]



      1. In total we have 256 GB of RAM for production. 
      2. Currently the projected total used for production machines is 104 GB [48 GB of which is allocated to the Qlikview Server].
      3. If we required the Qlikview server to be upgraded to use 128 GB of memory in total [ an additional 80 GB of RAM] then in terms of RAM it doesn’t present a problem but we would need to investigate whether any issues would be caused by allocating 128 GB memory to one VM.
      4. The Qlikview server will be on a Virtualised platform.



      Qlikview Servers currently configured in test environments


      Qlikview Server 1 – 2 VCPUs,16 GB Ram

      Qlikview Server 2 – 1 VCPUs,1 GB Ram


      Could any one tell me if they have experienced any problems with an Enterprise level deployment on a virtual environment?


      What do QlikTech say? I have not been able to find anything definitive.