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    Screen Resizer height % versus grid size , ability to scroll app beyond screen height

    Elton Aguiar


      I like the screen resizer extension for QlikSense, in particular, what I like is it lets the user scroll BEYOND the screen height.

      I am aware that there is  "web route" you could go and deploy the apps to show up on a webpage, but just using the built in apps and pages I'd like to be able to "scroll" beyond the screen height.

      Can you this be marked as a potential feature for future release of QlikSense? Perhaps a modified version of the "screen resizer" could be provided or vetted by QlikSense  to be provided as an "example" app.


      Screen Resizer, seems to quickly let me change the view and stretch objects without changing the grid size. If I change grid size(even significantly) ..it just still forces everything into a small area instead of letting the user scroll and see more stuff.


      Unlike changing the grid size, this actually lets you stretch the objects on the screen based on screen height % and scroll.

      Touching the rows & heights of grid size can mess up your app , especially using this tool, but also can happen using the grid changer site  which changes grid for qliksense desktop apps(http://s3.amazonaws.com/demo-root/random/gridchanger/index.html )


      This QlikSense screen resizer allows me to show a lot of things on a screen e.g. 16 KPIs+ a chart below and a chart to the right, and lets the user scroll. https://github.com/mhamano/Qlik-Sense-Screen-Resizer/issues


      Unfortunately, this extension has documented issues in not working with QlikSense Server (3.2.3?).

      It is possible to get a copy of QlikSense server on my local PC, as for testing extension purposes or is there cost regardless?