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    Regarding range for two dates to include in set aggr with  calculating age from diff of two date

    phaneendra dodda

      Hi All,


      I have to filter the data for 30 days n 90 days for which I have to include the range of two dates for the following expression which is working fine for all but needs to achieve for 30 days n 90 days:

      Avg({<Isu_Date="$(vselectedDate)"},Isu_cd -={"Close"},Isu_Type={"P"},

      aggr(Avg({<Isu_Date="$(vselectedDate)"},Isu_cd -={"Close"},Isu_Type={"P"}>}Temp_Age),Isu_Id))

      here vselectedDate is variable taking max of BusinessDate, other date which is being used is Create date

      Difference of business date and create date giving the Temp_Age. For this 30 day n 90 day logic is not implemented.We are using bar chart.

      While putting everything in table ,I want to achieve the Age using If condition for the time period 30 day n 90 days based on selection of filter for this time period.Problem is that how to include two date for range selection in place of vselected.How use other date in range of set.