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    qlik sense xml upload and break the one of the value into columns

    srikanth pabbu

      Hi ,


      I have an xml file which need to be converted in reporting format such as tabular format.

      I directly used the file and qlik sense converted the file into rows and columns . I have xml tag which has multiple value in them and i need to convert them into columns.example as below.






           <custom>{DtTime=N/A, pac=500, byt=450,078, Zone=south,Service=xyz,Sessions=5746}</custom>



      i need something like this




      please let me know how do i change the conditions in load manager to get the results right ? i tried something like this and it did not work

      mid(Right(SubField([custom], ',' ,1),Index([custom],'=')-1),2) as Dt_Time