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    Qlik Data Concierge Variant issue with variable

    Miskin Mazgaonkar

      Hi All,


      I am trying to impelment the QDC with Qliksense and below are the issue I am find hard to resolve.


      1. At the time of Bex query variable selection the year filed appears has 2018001.

      2. Once this app is created, it shows no data loaded.

      3. This is because the variable passed in query is wrong. For eg Below is the code


      Set vAssistVar3=['2018001'];

      Set vAssistVar4=['LA0008'];

      for each var3 in $(vAssistVar3)

      for each var4 in $(vAssistVar4)




      [NAME=ZU_FSPER, SIGN=I, OPTION=EQ, LOW=$(var3)],

      [NAME=ZUAD_PRCTR_1, SIGN=I, OPTION=EQ, LOW=$(var4)],


      FROM query_name;

      4. Once I change it manually like..

      Set vAssistVar3=['V32018001'];


      Set vAssistVar4=['1000LA0008'];


      it runs perfectly.


      This issue seems to be with every variables in Bex query