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    June 2018 : extension compliance

    Olivier Malgras



      We are working to make our extension compliant to June 2018.

      Is there a list of all the possible option we can put in the extension descriptor.

      Before (until April 2018), we don't have this problem.

      Here is our descriptor :


      return {
                  type: "Extension",
                  template: template,
                  controller: controller,
                  definition: definition,
                  initialProperties: {
                  options: {
                      selections: {
                          dataArea: {}
                  paint: function(a,b){
                     //do stuff


      Now in June 2018, when we launch the app, we have an error in the console :

      Error: No element sent into Touche()
          at window.Touche (http://localhost:4848/resources/chunks/qvangular.5be57daa16f972d532e2.js:24:301)
          at y (http://localhost:4848/resources/chunks/40.8e64cfe8993264ccfc07.js:453:190911)
          at http://localhost:4848/resources/chunks/40.8e64cfe8993264ccfc07.js:453:192950
          at Array.forEach (native)
          at Object.t [as addInteraction] (http://localhost:4848/resources/chunks/40.8e64cfe8993264ccfc07.js:453:192712)
          at b (http://localhost:4848/resources/chunks/40.8e64cfe8993264ccfc07.js:576:80859)
          at Class.registerAddedComponent (http://localhost:4848/resources/chunks/40.8e64cfe8993264ccfc07.js:576:81047)
          at http://localhost:4848/resources/chunks/40.8e64cfe8993264ccfc07.js:576:81420
          at Array.forEach (native)
          at http://localhost:4848/resources/chunks/40.8e64cfe8993264ccfc07.js:576:81398


      This error prevents our extension from finalizing its initialization.

      We noticed that in edit mode, we did not have this problem. Same if we don't specify 'dataArea' in selections objet in the descriptor.

      Maybe with some other option in the descriptor, we can do something ?