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    Can't access QV 10 Accesspoint

      hi All,

      I installed QV10 Server product on Windows XP on a laptop (demo system).  I am using the bundled QV web Server.

      Everything seems to start fine in terms of the Windows Services.  I can access the QEMC and QMC.  I have entered my license info which works.

      I cannot however get the Accesspoint to work. 


      I tried...




      In QEMC

      I have -> Servers -> Qlivkewi Web Servers -> My machine -> General -> Communication, I have port 80.

      Under Web --> there are no Extensions/Mimes and my root folder is

      QLIKVIEW with path = C:\Tools\QlikView\Server\Web (correct)

      Under AccessPoint

        Path = /QvAJAXZfc/AccessPoint.aspx







      Any help or Ideas would be appreciated.