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    Access Point Performance

      Recently we have witnessed the performance getting worse and worse on Access Point.  I'm looking for some input on the variables that we might be able manage on the 'front-end' to improve it.  By performance, I mean that when a user enters the URL for Access Point, it can take a minute or more to present the dashboards.


      Things we have considered possibly impacting the performance:

      1. Number of dashboards -- we have a growing number of dashboards...  we're not sure if the overall number affects the performance, or if the number of dashboards one user sees impacts performance  (many of our dashboards are published to a reduced distribution, so not all users see them)
      2. The size of the dashboards -- we have seen an increase in the size of some of the dashboards.  It doesn't seem like this would affect the Access Point links though.
      3. Using thumbnails versus the Details View


      Something else?  Has anyone else successfully dealt with thing kind of thing?

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          John Witherspoon
          1. If you have enough of them open at once that your server starts swapping to disk, you get a huge slow down there, but hopefully your server isn't THAT overloaded.  Other than that, well, I'm not sure if the number would affect performance either.
          2. The larger the application, the longer it will take to load, just like any other file.
          3. No idea.


          We've not tackled it as a specific issue.  Well, I guess in one case I sort of did, but it wasn't in Access Point configuration.  One application was particularly slow to load due to having many years of data, but most users only needed to see the current year.  So I created an extra QlikView with just the YTD data by doing a data reduction in Publisher.  So most users can click on the application that's much faster to load.  That's more of a workaround than a fix, though.

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            Johannes Sunden

            You might want to look at the loading process using a HTTP debugger. A pretty neat one that attaches well to IE / Firefox is HttpWatch (see screenshot). There's a free version available.



            Another option would be a tool called Fiddler, which is another http debugger that lets you follow the loading process. I would then contact QlikView support (http://www.qlik.com/us/services/support) to see if they can help you sort things out.

            • Access Point Performance

              This turned out to be a configuration issue.  We had the logs in our Access Point directory.  As the logs grew, every time someone opened Access Point, all of the directories and subdirectories were being scanned to look for QVW files.


              Once we moved the logs out of the Access Point directory, performance improved significantly.