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    conditional formatting in pivot table not working

      I have a pivot table that shows qty, current month sales (MTD) and prior year month sales (PYMTD)

      and product line as dimension


      i have an expression that calculates growth % over prior year month sales. Example April 2011 Sales growth % over April 2010 Sales




      In Pivot table properties, Visual cues (Sheet) i set up the below:


      Green for my >=

      Black for normal

      Red for my <=



      but for some reason the color shown in the pivot table for Negative % growth is not consistant.

      Sometimes negatives show up as red and sometimes they show up as green, when all Negative growth % should be RED.



      For posative growth the same issue, some posative % show up as Red and some show up as Green when, all Posative growth % should show as GREEN.



      I have attached a recreation of the pivot table described


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