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    Save results of formulas in Qlik

    Pascal Dijkshoorn



      I am working with a dataset that overwrites data. This means everyday when I reload the data, i get different results and I can't see the results of the day before anymore. So the results of my formula's only show the current situation. Is it possible to save these results, so i can create a timeline of results.


      For example, I have a formula that calculates the occupancy. Is it possible to create a formula that saves the occupancy daily, so i get a timeline with the occupancy per day?

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          Gabor Tarnoczai

          Hi Pascal,


          You can store these information in file.

          You can create a file in load script, read it, append a new line and store the new file.


          Help link to store command:




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            Bala Bhaskar

            May be you can save the data into QVD's on daily basis:



            LOAD *;


            Select * from ABC where Date = 'DD/MM/YYYY';


            LET vDay = Date(Today(),'DD/MM/YYYY'');

            STORE ABC into D:\$(vDay).qvd;

            ********************* After storing data into QVDs, call them into application using below script ********************

            for each vFile in FileList('.\Data\*.qvd')

                 let vFileName = mid(vFile, index(vFile, '\', -1) + 1, 99);




                      1                      as FieldCount,

                      '$(vFileName)'         as [File Name],

                      FieldName              as [Field Name],

                      BitOffset              as [Bit Offset],

                      BitWidth               as [Bit Width],

                      Bias                   as [Bias],

                      NoOfSymbols            as [No Of Symbols],

                      [NumberFormat/Type]    as Type,

                      [NumberFormat/nDec]    as Dec,

                      [NumberFormat/UseThou] as UseThou

                 FROM [$(vFile)] (XmlSimple, Table is [QvdTableHeader/Fields/QvdFieldHeader]);



            if you also want to add in some header information, such as number of rows, you can add another statement within the loop to pull in those values:




                      1                      as QVDCount,

                      '$(vFileName)'         as [File Name],

                      QvBuildNo              as [QV Build No],

                      CreatorDoc             as [QVD Creator],

                      CreateUtcTime          as [Time Created],

                      SourceFileSize         as [Source File Size],

                      TableName              as [Table Name],

                      RecordByteSize         as [Record Byte Size],

                      NoOfRecords            as [Number Of Records]

                 FROM [$(vFile)] (XmlSimple, Table is [QvdTableHeader]);