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    avg between dates

    Jerry Ile



      I've read lots of posts but still can't crack this


      I'm using Qlik Sense and would like a 4 week average on sales units

      I have a variable for Current Week

      =Max([Start Wk])  is set as  vCurrentStWk


      My date field is [Start Wk]

      I noticed it has a timestamp e.g. 25/06/2018 00:00:00 so I have tried the following but still had no joy


      Avg({<date([Start Wk],'DD/MM/YYYY')={'>=$(vCurrentStWk)-28'}}>} [Sold Qty])


      I would love some help



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          David Štorek


          I don't think it is necessary to change date format by Start Wk. It seems as a little problem with syntax (definitelly you have extra } in expression)

          try it like following


          Avg({<[Start Wk]={">=$(=$(vCurrentStWk)-28)"}>} [Sold Qty])

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              Jerry Ile

              Thanks David but Still not working ;0(


              I have tried loading date without the timestamp into a new field called StartWKNTS and setting that as the Variable to avoid the formatting issue


              I noticed

              =$(vCurrentStartWK) shows as 15/07/2018

              but  =$(vCurrentStartWK)-28 shows as 43268


              num(Date#(StartWkNTS,'DD/MM/YYYY')) shows as 43289


              I tried variations on the following but still no Joy

              Avg({<[StartWKNTS]={">=$(=$(vCurrentStWk)-28)"}>} [Sold Qty])

              Avg({<num(Date#(StartWkNTS,'DD/MM/YYYY'))={">=$(=$(vCurrentStWk)-28)"}>} [Sold Qty])

              Avg({<num(Date#(StartWkNTS,'DD/MM/YYYY'))={">=$(vCurrentStartWK)-28"}>} [Sold Qty])

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              Shahbaz Khan Mohammed

              Try by removing time stamp from the date and then use it in the expression?

              Since your expression just has date format not the timestamp format.. thats why it work?