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    Date Not working properly in Set analysis

    Elie Issa

      Dear All,

      I am trying to generate results using below expression. The results are totally fine when selecting a week year but they are totally wrong when not filtering because the selection of the date below is not taking the master calendar of the same row.

      Expression :


                [Country]          = {'test'},

              [Nationality]      = {'test'},                   

            [Group Engagement Date]  = {"<=$(=date($(vMasterCalendar)))"},

            [Group Termination Date] = {">=$(=date($(vMasterCalendar)))"},

              [Assignment SDate]      = {"<=$(=date($(vMasterCalendar)))"},

              [Assignment EDate]      = {">=$(=date($(vMasterCalendar)))"},

              [Person SDate]          = {"<=$(=date($(vMasterCalendar)))"},

              [Person EDate]          = {">=$(=date($(vMasterCalendar)))"},


            [Person Type Category]  -= {'Daily Hired'}

          />}distinct [Employee Number])



      vMasterCalendar :    =only({<Year=P(Year),Quarter=P(Quarter),[Month Year]=P([Month Year]),[Week Year]=P([Week Year]),[Month                                                        Num]=P([Month Num]),Month=P(Month),Day=P(Day)>}Num([Master Calendar Date]))



      Results : Capture attached right number highlighted in yellow and the results are fine when choosing a week year but they are wrong when we don't make any filter (Wrong Numbers Attach)