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    Chart Display of Items in Column Individually Shown Each Day

    Kayla Hamson


      I'm new to Qlik and trying to find my way around. I am having some difficulties with the following:


      I am trying to create a chart that will look at my "Prob. grp text" column and display the daily trend for each item in the list based on a count of the Breakdown dur. for the day.

      (basically I'm looking at the number of issues per type of issues to see where we are having are most problems. All look at when did the trend for the issue change. This will allow me to correlate what outside factor could have been a effect in the change and get a root cause.)


      This is what it would look like in excel.



      To get this I do a sum if of the Breakdown dur. with the PCI Loader and Unloader for each day.

      I assume I can plug something like this as a formula in the function when creating the chart. However, I am having a hard time finding the right syntax.

      I  would like to use my columns

      Malfunct. start.Date: for Horizontal  (Category) X Axis Labels

      Prob. grp. text: for legend Entries (Series)

      then count the column Breakdown dur. get the data (Y Axis)


      Thank you for your help!