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      we have one publisher and two server license.we would like to set up the clustering . We are going to proceed with the below clustering mode.Clustering.JPG



        1.Is there anything specific license for clustering (Gone through documet it shows the cluster license has the same keys with No of clusters Key word in LEF) or if you have two server license we can use that as a cluster. Since we got two seperate license.  just for confirmtaion it is the same in v10 as well.


        2. Accesspoint has the option for the load balancing. If we are using single access point with two servers in cluster my assumption is


      So when we are using two accesspoints and load balancer to get the high availabilty. Is it still the load balancing option in Accesspoint will work. is yes how it will work. Loadbalancing will be redirected to other Acesspoint. If there are with two accesspoint in the cluster will it get redirected to the other accesspoint. Would like to know if we are using two access point and load balancer . How the Accesspoint load balancing will work.