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    Qlik Sense Hub not opening after 3.2 SR5 installation

    Juan Moreno



      On a Windows 7 machine, I uninstalled Qlikview to then install Qlik Sense 3.2 SR5.


      During the installation, I chose "Shared persistence" database and "Create cluster" in localhost:4432 with database user=qlksenserepository.


      Persistence storage root folder: \\server\share


      Installation location: C:\Qlik\Sense


      At the end it said that Qlik Sense 3.2 SR5 had been installed successfully. However, when I went to Qlik Sense Hub by clicking the icon on the desktop, a message was displayed saying:


      Can't access this web site

      The page qlik has refused the connection

      Try to

           Check the connection

           Check the proxy and the firewall


      Regarding the proxy, in Internet Settings "LAN configuration" I have "Don't use the proxy server for local addresses" checked.


      Any idea on what I can do?