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    Comparing Month to Month Trend with Indicators

    Elizabeth Viso



      I have a pivot table that has two columns, one shows the average compliance score then the next column shows the trend with arrow indicators.


      For the compliance average I use this expression:

      =Avg([UMHC SYSTEM])


      For the arrow indicators I use this expression:

      If(Avg([UMHC SYSTEM]) >0.945,Black(),

      If(Avg([UMHC SYSTEM])>0.84,Black(),

      If(Avg([UMHC SYSTEM])>0,lightRed(),


      What I want to do is have the trend indicator arrow go up if the percentage from month to month is going up, and an arrow going down if the percentages have gone down from month to month. And if there is no change just a dash.

      Can anyone help me with this?

      Thank you!