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    Savings Change Month over Month

    preston lambeth

      Good afternoon Qlik community!


      I have an issue, I am trying to figure out the actual difference month over month for savings identified. Either Up X$ or down X$.


      I have two fields I would like to build this visual with.  'Reveal date' (this can be broken down into month/year values back to Jan of 2017) and "annualized savings', this is the 'savings' dollar amount that my team has identified for the 'reveal month'.  I would LOVE to be able to compare this year over year (to see if we are doing better this year in July vs last year in July) or see the difference (positive/negative) from this month vs last month.


      I hope this makes sense, I am totally new to Qlik, and totally lost.


      Any help would be much appreciated! Please let me know if I have explained myself well enough.  Super thanks in advance!