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    Basic calculations don't seem to be working

    David Rudd

      I am trying to calculate the absolute value using FABS and Count on an amount column. However, my results didn't look accurate. I'm getting no value when I look for the absolute value by date. I'm getting some values when I look at absolute values by GL number and I get some information when I do a count by role.


      However I know the absolute by date isn't accurate as it's showing me nothing, but the by G/L and by user id doesn't agree to SAP.


      However, when I look at the count of rows by using (count of local) in my SQL database I'm getting the same number.


      I'm really not sure why these what seem like basic math operators aren't returning what I was expecting. My underlying table is a straight table of my GL detail no joins or any extra scripting. Any ideas?


      2018-07-26 19_40_10-Qlik Sense Desktop.png