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    New to QlikSense - lagged value in line chart

    Ayan K

      Hi All,


      Just started QlikSense this week, have a query. I have a line chart of total accounts # where "number of accounts" originated from a particular Quarter (example 2015 Q4, 2016 Q1, 2016 Q2 etc.) is shown per "Month on Book" (0,1,2,3 etc.) . So my line chart is simply below which has two dimensions: QTR_VINTAGE and MOB.




      In the Chart, number of accounts originated from a specific vintage is plotted per "Month on Book".


      Now my requirement is for Month on Book = 1, I want to show the value from "Month on Book" when 0 which is one point prior. For MOB=0, it should keep the same value. From MOB=1 onwards it should plot one lagged value that is, from (MOB-1).


      I can do this easily in Data and load it to show in Chart but I really want to handle this using function/script in Qlik Sense itself. Can you please advise?