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    Select Measure in Qlik Sense like in Qlikview

    Dan Green

      If we have a pivot table in Qlikview and make a selection in a measure, the program will filter on the dimentions that result in that value. Is there a way to do this in Qlik Sense? Would it require a table extension and if so, which?



      Thank you!

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          Bala Bhaskar

          As of now, it's not possible, even with any other extensions also, into Qllik Sense for Pivot table Measures selection as like Qlikview.


          These are some of the options available with JSPivot extensions.


              Initial aggregation for values

              Persistence of user layout changes

              Selection of items

              Automatic sizing of column widths, without to refresh manually (F5)

              Not tested with large amount of data.