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    Annual Amount for Current Year

    Richard Cheiw

      Created a pivot with current year Actual vs Budget amount. There's a 'Month' filter which users can select months so they can review the cumulative actual vs budget amount. That is all working fine.

      Now, need to include a 'Annual Budget' field which will always to default to current year total budget amount regardless of the month filter.


      Below is the 'Budget CY' expression:

      num(sum({<[Ledger Type]={$(vBudgetLedgerCurrent)},Source={'F0902'},[JDE.Year]={$(=$(vV_CurrentYear))}>}Amount/100),'#,##0')


      It works fine for the cumulative CY budget field but having trouble with the new 'Annual Budget' field. Is it that I have to add {1} to the above expression?