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    Data difference in two resident tables

      Hi All,


      I am very new to Qlikview. I am facing the following problem in QlikView. The version I am using is Version: 9 SR3


      I have 2 tables loaded from QVD.

      1. Market Details

      2. Revenue Details


      Common Column Name for this two table is Carrier_No.


      I need to find out what are the list of values (of Carrier_No) which are present in Revenue Details but not present in Market Details. After that I need to store the same in another QVD.


      It will be very helpful you could please guide me to achieve the solution.




        • Data difference in two resident tables
          Erich Shiino

          Your code would look like this:





          Load * resident RevenueDetails;

          left join (RevenueDetails)

          Load *, 1 as flag

          resident MarketDetails;




          Load distinct Carrier_No resident TEMP where flag<>1;


          drop table TEMP

          store differences into differences.qvd;


          drop table differnces;

            • Data difference in two resident tables

              Hi Erich,


              Thanks for your reply. I was not able to follow your answer as I was supposed to meet smone sort of deadline. So, I implemented in my way.


              During the load of data from QVD I outer joined 2 tables.


              LOAD * FROM Revenue.qvd

              outer join

              LOAD * FROM Market.QVD



              LOAD Carrier_No RESIDENT Revenue_Temp

              WHERE NOT EXISTS(Group_No); //Group_No is a clolumn from Market Table which is not there in Revenue Table.


              Sorry for replying late. I will definitely check and mark your answer.


              Thanks for your reply again,