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    Condition sum

      Hi all,


      any one can help me out of this question:


      Say I have a table like this:

      LOAD * INLINE[Tab,Name,Num






      I need a pivot table like this:

      dimension Name


      if Name in Tab1 and not in Tab2 , calculate sum


      so the pivot table is :


      Name Num

      A 0

      B 2

      C 0


      Thanks in advance



        • Condition sum

          The obvious answer is to try using set expressions i.e. sum({$<Tab={Tab1}>}Num). But maybe your example data is oversimplifying this. The set expression will just given sum where Tab in in the set of values {Tab1}. Your sampel results don't seem to match the expression you have given as the sum for A would be 1?