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    link with available containers

    Ali Hijazi

      Hello I'm working on Qlik Sense

      I'm using QDF and I have the containers defined below:C838D138.PNG


      I created a new app and I put the below script:


      QDF initiation script


      set vG.BasePath=;  //Clrear cache

      set vG.SharedBasePath=; //Clrear cache

      SET vG.RootContainer='lib://QDF_ROOT/';

      SET vG.HomeContainer='lib://QDF_ROOT/3.Customer_Case_Analysis/';




      we need to read QVD files from the QVD Generator container

          and mainly from the Transform folder of the QVDs


      call LCGV('QVDGEN','QVD');


      when I reload I get the following warning:


      and so the variables that hold the QVD path for the QVDGEN container are not created
      kindly advise